EN14058:2017 Protective clothing – Cold environment protective clothing

What is EN14058 standard?

EN14058:2017 Protective clothing – Cold environment protective clothing

PPE EN 14058:2017- Clothing for protection against cold environments: EN ISO 14058- This standard specifies requirements and test methods for clothing features to protect the body from cold environments with temperatures above -5 ° C. “Cool environment” is characterized by humidity, wind and temperature as low as -5 ° C. Relative to the length of time the wearer is exposed to the cold, the wearer’s physiology, the composition of the wearer’s overall clothing, and specific environmental characteristics (e.g., wind speed, temperature, humidity). At medium and low temperatures, clothing that prevents local body cooling can be used for outdoor and indoor activities. In these cases, clothing does not have to be made of waterproof or breathable materials; Therefore, these requirements are optional for this standard.

EN 14058 defines 1 criterion to ensure that protective clothing works properly under the hazards of cool environments: Thermal resistance (Rct) represents the amount specific to the textile and represents the dry heat that can pass through the textile layer under steady-state conditions due to the temperature gradient. Air permeability (AP), water resistance (WP) and thermal insulation requirements are optional and measured using the same standards as EN 342.


a: Thermal resistance (Rct), 1-3 grade

b: Air permeability, 1-3 grade (optional)

c: water permeability resistance 1-2 grade (optional)

d: insulation value Icle, unit m2K/W (optional)

e: insulation value Icle, m2K/W (optional)

EN ISO 14058 Certification requirements Test Method

z Low compliance value EN 31092 or EN ISO 5085-1 Heat Resistance (RCT): All layers of the garment are RCT tested according to EN 31092 or EN ISO 5085-1, depending on the sample thickness. The obtained value is determined according to the type of Z-minor compliance value.

RTC (m2-K /W)

levelsensitivityPerformance z maximum

EN 14058 Y: Heat resistance


Y: Classification according to Air permeability (optional)

Y: Classification according to Water permeability (optional)

Y: Icler (optional)

Clothing for cool environments intended for use in the European Union (EU) has the status of “Category 1” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as defined in EU Regulation 2016/425. Cold protective clothing EN 14058:2017 test CE certification can consult the business test management, Tianrun technology to provide personal protection products EU market access services!