What is hex fleece? Standard, or solid fleece, is what you’d normally find inside sweatshirts and hoodies—polyester or other synthetic fibers are woven together and brushed into a lightweight knit with a deep pile texture. 

The Design

A hex pattern creates a mechanical wicking action caused by the difference between surface areas on the outside (large, smooth surface) and inside (smaller, hex pattern) of the fabric. Moisture is drawn away from the body and toward the larger outer surface area, making the grid fleece feel warmer and enabling the garment to dry quickly.

The Benefits

A solid fleece is moderately wind-resistant and dries quickly, but it can pill over time and easily holds odors. The unique design of hex fleece increases warmth without hindering breathability while improving moisture-wicking performance. Hex fleece provides more air space against the body, allowing it to trap more heat, breathe better and wick faster.

Layering Hex Fleece

Compared to standard fleece, a hex fleece pattern reduces overall fabric mass—making it easier to layer workwear without creating bulk or restricting movement. It’s also a superior layer when worn under a shell due to its high ventilation. The space between the hexes allows air to move freely through instead of getting trapped.